Kontra Daya letter to the Comelec

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We join other election watchdog groups in expressing serious concern over the automated election system. The foreign-controlled and privatized AES has again shown problems during field tests and mock polls. There are major issues regarding the software to be used for the elections as well as the reliability of the PCOS machines themselves.

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Kontra Daya statement on the start of the campaign period

As the campaign period officially starts, Kontra Daya calls on the Filipino people to remain vigilant regarding vaious issues affecting the national elections. The elections often bring out the worst in Philippine politics; political patronage, corruption, fraud and violence. The 2013 elections appear to be no different from past polls. Filipinos must be prepared to face various challenges.

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Kontra Daya says Comelec should not be sidetracked from going after sham party-list groups

Poll watchdog Kontra Daya today reiterated that the ongoing cleansing of the party-list system should weed out only those that do not represent the marginalized and under-represented sectors as intended in the 1987 Constitution and Republic Act (RA) 7941 or the Party-List System Act, and further clarified in previous rulings by the Supreme Court (SC) as well as by the Commission on Elections (Comelec).

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