"Widespread fraud must be met with widespread resistance and opposition. Poll results that are tainted with fraud must be rejected by the electorate."

Unity Statement against Election Fraud and Political Repression

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Our volunteers collated reports received from the ground on election day. View the map for incident reporting.

The 2019 midterm election faced several issues.
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Kontra Daya (Against Fraud) firmly believes that the conduct of clean and honest election is not an exclusive concern of government nor of politicians vying for elective positions. The people must participate in guarding against electoral fraud as well as in debates on future policy directions for the country and the people’s welfare.

Among its members are Promotion of Church Peoples Response, Computer Professionals Union, AGHAM, Alliance of Concerned Teachers, Health Alliance for Democracy, Health Action for Human Rights, Kawani Kontra Daya and Blogwatch.ph

Kontra Daya calls for Voter Vigilance as Party-list Groups of the Rich and Powerful Continue to Dominate Survey

Kontra Daya calls for voter vigilance as party-list groups of the rich and powerful continue to dominate survey. The Pulse Asia nationwide survey for party-list representatives released last April 25 shows not just a disappointing trend but also an alarming tendency.
It is disappointing that even if party-list elections have been held since 1998, a little more than one-fourth of the respondents are still reportedly unaware when asked if they have read or watched anything about the party-list system. READ MORE

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